MediaPortal transforms your PC into a multimedia workstation
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Media Portal is a complete multimedia center, which transforms your PC into a workstation with access to all branches of the image or sound. Playing video, audio, pictures, radio, television ... all that and much more can be found in Media Portal. Media Gateway is also an open source project, meaning that all users can help develop it.

The user interface of Media Portal is a kind of alternative browser, with a very attractive design, which seamlessly integrates all elements of the program. The user must configure what content of your hard drive to match each item of the agenda (folders of photos, music, videos, etc.), and since that time can access and play all this content from the same place - Interface Media Portal.

But in addition, Media Portal transcends the border to become a multimedia center for general information: e-mail access, online weather information to be made in your city, and so on. And best of all, it is an absolutely free!

To use MediaPortal need:
* Operating system: Windows XP

Minimum requirements:
* Processor: 1400
* Memory: 256
* DirectX 9.0c
*. NET Framework 2.0
* Windows Media Player 10
* A DVD player (for viewing DVDs from Media Portal)
* Windows XP SP2 / Windows MCE 2005 RU2

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  • only available on windows xp
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